Dovetail Magazine is an independent contemporary arts publication that positions visual art in dialogue with design, architecture, photography, travel, and global visual culture.

dove·tail (verb)

to fit together nicely and


Soft Cylinders: Ara Thorose

Dovetail Magazine is a bi-annual print and online publication celebrating contemporary art and connection—ideas and practices that “fit nicely” alongside visual art. Emphasizing collaborative practices, ideas, and initiatives, the magazine aims to be a platform for discovering new and emerging artists, designers, photographers, and cultural influencers. We are driven by a passion for art and design, and how they connect to our experiences every day, from our living rooms and workspaces to global travels. Print and online articles include artist profiles, studio visits, essays, interviews, reviews, and more.

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Inheriting Place: Kahlil Robert Irving

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We created Dovetail as a print edition as a break from the constant scrolling on our screens, emphasizing the experience of turning pages, carrying it with us, and experiencing information in timeless print format. But we are still conscious of environmental and accessibility concerns, so Dovetail is available as a digital issue as well.

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