Inner life forms: Jessica Cannon

Text by Jessica Cannon

Above: Installation view, “Under Time of Lampshades,” Transmitter, Brooklyn, NY. November 22 – December 15, 2019. Photo courtesy of Transmitter Gallery.

In late summer and fall of 2017, from my apartment in Brooklyn, I followed media coverage of Hurricanes Harvey and Maria as they formed like spinning clots on the radar and unleashed devastation on Texas and Puerto Rico. Images of people in boats searching for their neighbors, or waiting in line for insulin, were heartbreaking and unjust. The hurricanes felt like meteorological symbols of the large and small disasters happening every day: the continuing theft of resources from and threats to people of color, immigrants, indigenous people, women, LGBT people, and poor and working people. Combined with the unwillingness of those in power to address these issues, along with the clear-eyed destruction of the natural world, I felt more anxious and overwhelmed each day.

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