Intimate Oasis: Úbali Tropical Living

All images: Úbali Tropical Living, Kabëk (Quetzal), Rio Negra, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, 2019.

Costa Rica’s goal is to be carbon neutral by 2021, which creates unique opportunities and challenges for architects and engineers who build for a thriving tourism industry. Architect Arthur Micheron and engineer Pablo Valle established Úbáli Tropical Living to develop eco-friendly modular homes for private and hotel projects. The first modular house model, the Úbáli 1.0 model, Kabëk (Quetzal), is ideally suited for mountain climates, and at 48 square meters in size, it has an intimate shape that communicates with nature so that guests have privacy and dialogue with the environment around them.

Kabëk’s flexible structure and off-the-ground framework allows it to adapt to sloping terrain, dense forests and humid tropical climates. We also particularly love the balance of natural light through one entire wall of windows, balanced with plenty of wall space for a select few art or furniture pieces to add distinctive style to the structure’s soft, curving lines •

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