The Poetry of Balance

Photographer and Art Director Tea Sirbiladze on the work of Laurent “Lo” Martin

Laurent “Lo” Martin’s delicate bamboo sculptures are suspended and activated by the air, transfixed by light. The artist describes the lightness and flexibility of the material as “poetic.” Intricate strands of carefully hewn bamboo swirl overhead as mobiles or sits precariously on tiny points in the artist’s quest to balance elements of mathematics, physics, and the sensuousness of natural materials. Photographer and Art Director Tea Sirbiladze observes the artist in his studio, in Alt Empordà, Catalonia, Spain.

“The connection these works create is magnetic. It is pure poetry, how the abstract forms defy gravity in balance and suspension, creating a close link between nature and the work. To immortalize these moments is more than a visual pleasure for a photographer. His sculptures are a perfect combination of balance, sensitivity, and movement.”

— Tea Sirbiladze


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