Sublime Encounter

Mel Arsenault explores wonder and nature


By Kate Mothes

Is a sense of wonder the product of the mind, or can it be expressed in the body? In ethereal ceramic works, Montréal-based artist Mel Arsenault excavates the fractured yet interconnected relationship between humans and nature in search of enchantment.

Pelvis or vertebrae-like forms appear nestled into rough bases as if recently erupted from the earth, expanding into graceful, roughly symmetrical forms. Drawing inspiration from the natural environment, anatomy, and scientific illustrations, Arsenault blends earthy glazes onto vaguely alien forms that elude classification. Like ancient botanicals, patinated tablets, or abstracted figurative icons, the sculptures read like relics or artifacts of a mysterious, sublime past.

You can find more work on the artist’s Instagram and website.

All images © Mel Arsenault and shared with permission.

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