10 January 2024

Daily Routine

Xingrong Qiao explores the
absurdities of everyday experience


by Kate Mothes

Tapping into the universal relatability of moving into a new space, getting used to different appliances, and struggling with DIY equipment, Xingrong Qiao documents everyday experiences and reflections. In her piece My Daily Routine—Drying Clothes, the artist draws on the first night she stayed in her new apartment in The Netherlands and spent a long time trying to set up the drying rack for her laundry. “I never used it before, so I tried and failed lots of times before getting it right,” she says. Part performance and part sculpture, the rack itself transformed into a metaphor for the challenges of getting used to a new routine in a new place.

See more of Xingrong’s work, which often explores themes of daily rituals and migration from place to place, on her website and Instagram.

My Daily Routine - Drying Clothes (still), 2021. Single-channel video (color, sound), 4m 12s

All images © Xingrong Qiao

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