Desire Lines at
David B. Smith Gallery

1543 Wazee St #120, Denver, Colorado

39° 44′ 31.35” N, 104° 59′ 29.51” W

Hello, friends—

I’m very happy to announce an exhibition I’ve curated with four artists over the past few months, which will open at David B. Smith Gallery, in downtown Denver, on May 25. An opening reception will follow on June 1, with myself and the artists in attendance. Desire Lines brings together the work of Miguel Arzabe (Oakland), Jessica Cannon (Brooklyn), Saskia Fleishman (Philadelphia), and Michelle A M Miller (West Palm Beach). Read more below or check out the gallery’s website.

Hope to see you there!



Desire Lines

Miguel Arzabe, Jessica Cannon, Saskia Fleishman, and Michelle A M Miller
May 25 – July 13, 2024

Shaped by our values and desires, landscape does not exist without human vision. Both physically and symbolically, our yearning for the enlightenment of discovery and connection—the aspiration to see what’s over the mountain or just around the next bend in the road—molds our perception of beauty.

If one definition of landscape implies a painterly, aesthetic experience that is often rural and idyllic, another interpretation synonymizes the term with “environment,” “surroundings,” or “place”—all so broad as to encompass almost any scene in any part of the world. Myriad layers of human presence, historical significance, lighting and weather conditions, natural landforms, flora and fauna, and more, weave a tapestry of physical, emotional, and psychological ties to the land. And the land itself—its visible features—represent a longing for wholeness, inextricable from our sense of being in the world.

For the artists in Desire Lines, landscape takes literal, metaphorical, and metaphysical forms. Themes of heritage, memory, space, and movement coalesce in a grouping in which each artist finds themselves on some kind of journey. Whether recycling organic matter to produce drawing materials, exploring one’s own thoughts and impulses, calling on snapshots from travels, or delving into ancestral and cultural traditions, the terrain investigated here manifests as an array of conduits to new perspectives.

Miguel Arzabe, La Pata Cuidadora, 2022. Woven acrylic on canvas and linen, 56 x 78 x 2 inches
Michelle A M Miller, IMW, 2022. Crushed oyster shell, ash from burnt wood scraps and old drawings, graphite, charcoal, casein, beeswax, methyl cellulose, and stik flat glue (water-based corn dextrin, water and preservative) on handmade recycled fine art paper, 24 x 16 inches
Saskia Fleishman, Tongue River Canyon (October 2 2022 6:05pm), 2023. Acrylic and locally sourced sand on digitally printed chiffon, 14 x 12 inches

Header image: Jessica Cannon, Dawn Turquoise Cycle, 2024. Acrylic and iridescent pigments on canvas, 24 x 20 x 1.5 inches

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