Inspired by connections to places and people, the magazine (online for now) focuses on pathways between contemporary art and place in myriad forms. We aim to highlight global practices that examine experiences and identity as it relates to our landscapes, the environment, and spaces we inhabit.

Originally co-founded in 2020 by curator and writer Kate Mothes and artist Vickie Vainionpää as a semi-annual print and online publication celebrating contemporary art and connection—ideas and practices that “fit nicely” within the realm of visual art, the first iteration of the project produced two print magazines in addition to online articles throughout the year and special features on The Niche. Following exciting pathways of our own in new career directions and to far-flung destinations, Dovetail went into hibernation in late 2020.

Kate, who now splits her time between Wisconsin and Scotland, is currently working on the new Dovetail.




Amber Eve Anderson

Jessica Cannon

Alix-Rose Cowie

Claire Dalgleish

Ian Etter

Adriana Furlong

Rachel Hausmann Schall

Franziska Lamprecht

Jasmine Ledesma

Ali Rossi

Tea Sirbiladze

Fanni Somogyi

David Surman

Megan V.


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