Kate Mothes


Kate Mothes is an independent contemporary art writer and organizer based in the Upper Midwest. She co-cofounded Dovetail Magazine in 2020, relaunching solo as editor in 2022. She is also the founder of Young Space, a contemporary art platform focused on emerging artists, which she has independently curated since 2014. Kate often curates exhibitions and works in collaboration with galleries and other artist-run initiatives around the world, and in her spare time, she likes going on road trips and being in the outdoors, learning about new things to cook, rooting for the Green Bay Packers, and dreaming about building her own house. Learn more about her work at katemothes.net.


Joe Reynolds: Cristalândia

Destination: WaterMarks

Delcy Morelos: El Abrazo

Rush Baker: The Depth of Erasure

The Niche: After the Winter


Tali Weinberg: An Interwoven Climate

Annabell Häfner: Near and Elsewhere

Ann Haeyoung: A Device for Crushing

Destination: HOUSE

Destination: Desire Lines

Dakota Mace: Dahodiyinii / Sacred Places

Amy Yoshitsu: Wilderness Operating Procedure

Kasper Jacek: Sometimes My Eyes Change Their Mind

Molly Haynes: The Loom’s Inherent Logic

Becky Bailey: Unknown Landscapes

Destination: Tippet Rise

Lucy Gogoliuk: The Perpetual Homeward Journey

Timjune Tianjun Li: Tales From the Wind

Cándida González: Blood Memory

Kirsten Stolle: Roots Run Deep

WooJin Shin

Dovetail Books

Chelsea Ning: Mirage

Lydia Dildilian: Locating the Land

A Landscape Longed For

Carla Nunes Marins: Visiting Puerto Quijarro

Masato Shigemori: Tokowaka

Greenwood Pond: Double Site

Destination: Dome House

Jaiyoung Cho: Body and Bodies

Maryam Amirvaghefi: A Memorial Was Observed

Gail Albert Halaban: Neighbors in the Building

Alex Thrustle: Nomad’s Memory

Yuge Zhou: Cross Streets

Axelle VM Philtjens: Picturing Time

Daniel Gibson: Big Sky

Kailey Coppens: Location, Location, Location

Danying Yu: Portals

Wictor Doarte: The Presence of Being

JoEllen Wang: Encamping

Dovetail Joins the Midwest Media Cohort

Jiayu Liu: Waves of Code

Tyler Macko: Underfoot

Ashley Garrett: Plume

Xingrong Qiao: Daily Routine

Maria Kostareva: For a Walk

Ground Level: Land Up Close

Lis Haddad: Evocation to the River

Jeremy Starn: Transforming Terrain

Stephen Burke: Concrete Willows

Semin Hong: Hollow Mountain

Joshua Hagler: Nihil

Karey Kessler: This Is the Place

Brad Stumpf: Picnic in My Desk Drawer

Ashwini Bhat: Born of Earth and Fire

Michael Webster: Throat

Julia Whitney Barnes: Planting Utopia

Richie Moreno: Ritual Summoning

Anna Berlin: Sisters

Mengting Matilda Zhou: The Compressed City

Destination: ACRE Residency

Caleb Taylor: Reconstructuring

Francis Hines: Bound in Time

Giorgia Lo Faso: Figurine Piccole Figure

Leslie Wayne: This Land is Your Land

Curtis Anthony Bozif: Niagara

Lucía Rodríguez Pérez: Discrepancies of Dreams

Groundswell: Women of Land Art

Destination: Villa Carmignac

Amy Boone-McCreesh: Building, Garden, Tapestry

The Painted Desert Project

Cory Emma Siegler: Material Memories

Dovetail is On the Road!

Destination: Adventure Painters

Adam Laurence Hedley: Sifting Through Stones

Heather Lee Birdsong

Beyond Granite: Pulling Together

Adele van Heerden: A La Piscine

Shingo Yamazaki: Looking Glass

Nazanin Noroozi: This Bitter Earth

Dovetail is on Summer Break

Deborah Kruger: Accidentals

Maya Fuji: Fujimura Tobacco Shop

Patricia Carr Morgan: I love you don’t leave me

Joana Bernd: Sensing a Spirit

Rachel B. Hayes

Bold Tendencies: Crisis

Alia Hamaoui: Passing Para-daiza

Tender is the Night: RF. Alvarez’s ‘Eros’

Bahadırhan Pekşen

M. Winston: A House, a Home

Melody for a Walk: Benjamin Styer

Our Town: A Short Film by Doug Lehmann

Sarah Martin: Winter Villages

Rural and Proud: An Interview with Maria Sykes of Epicenter

Case Jernigan: Lightbox Memories

Marinella Senatore: What’s in a name?

Marcelo Baptista: Southern Birds

Destination: Frontier Fellowship

Barkley L. Hendricks: Myself When I Am Real

Meredith Laura Lynn and Katie Hargrave: Pitching Nature

Max Kesteloot: Darling, it could have been anywhere

Destination: The Nature Library

Simon Linington

Hilary Pecis: Paths Crossed

Destination: Icelandic Textile Center

The House is a Body: Jeffly Gabriela Molina’s oil paintings

Surprised by the View: Rudi J.L Bogaerts’ postcard dioramas

No Horses: Lenia Hauser’s paintings trace ambiguous geographies

Bearing Arms: Vincent Frimpong interprets African Diasporic experience in ceramics

Tereza Bušková’s ‘Little Queens’

Material Inheritance: Kayla Powers Maps Connections Between Nature and Craft

Destination: Sointula Art Shed

Made of the Earth: Weavings by Neil Goss

Poetics of Possibility: Paintings by Jodi Hays

Destination: KinoSaito

Desert X 2023

Kristin Romberg: Line and Tempo

Meryl McMaster: nôhkominak âcimowina

Gabrielle Garland: Curb Appeal

Destination: Haroon Mirza’s Stone Circle @ Ballroom Marfa

Karen Navarro: Somos Millones (We Are Millions)

Masayuki Takahashi’s Fujino Love Letter

Destination: Thread Residency and Cultural Center

Fancy Feast Supper Club: Leah Guadagnoli Whisks Creative Practices Together

La Isla De Barro: Amy Bravo and Albert Peguero

Destination: Gozo Contemporary

Mevlana Lipp: Haptic Memory

David Lemm: Tracks

Leka Mendes: Observatory of Unreachable Images

Mel Arsenault: Sublime Encounter

Destination: Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts

PATH @ The Niche

Beatrice Glow and a Landscape’s Embedded History

Christine Atkinson and the Documentation of Disappearance

Everyday Scenes: Gavin Shepherdson’s North

Destination: SARUYA Artist Residency

Landscape Painting: Margie Livingston’s dragged canvases

Destination: Est-Nord-Est Residency


Liu Chih-Hung’s Twilight Road Trip

Magma Roll: Barbara Nicholls’ Abundant Watercolors

Monika Sosnowska: Fatigue

Destination: Upstate Art Weekend

Destination: Rupert

A Little Song to Cross a Big Stream

Destination: Westfjords Residency

Unraveling Earth: Rotem Reshef’s organic paintings

Second Skins: Jacqueline Surdell and feminine power

Let Earth Breathe: Esteban Cabeza de Baca’s narrative of nature

Jacuzzi Error: The Otherworldly Landscapes of Joanna Tochman

Claire Baily: Terra Incognita at Castor Gallery

Dear Friends: A Letter from the Editor

Other Birds

Considering “Craftsmanship”

STAMMEN (The Tribe): Moley Talhaoui

Sweet Tooth (Viewing room)

Afripedia Curates (Viewing room)

The Poetry of Balance

Scaling Walls

Story Strands

Kids in 1835

Disabled Body/Ableist Space

Welcome to our online home

Rachelle Dang: Couroupita/Corpus

Virtual art to experience right now

Mary Laube in conversation with Ian Etter

The Current Situation: Art writing in a pandemic

Kat Mustatea

Søren Solkær’s Black Sun

Tending: Maeve Jackson and women’s labor through movement and landscape

Jacob Patrick Brooks Wants to Change the Way You Think of the Midwest

Salt and Stitches: Fiber artist Emily Botelho’s nature-inspired embroidery

We asked over a dozen artists what they’re reading right now. Here are some ideas to take you into late summer!

Emily Hobgood Thomas

Central/Nowhere: Isaac Nugent in conversation with Ethan Caflisch

Lucy Nordlinger

Soft Cylinders: Ara Thorose

Hopefully I Dream: A studio visit with Daisy Parris

New Raw Green: David Surman

PADA Studios

Inner life forms: Jessica Cannon

Performing connection: Jezabeth Roca Gonzalez

Intimate Oasis: Úbali Tropical Living

Pathways & Structures : Curated Selections

Mikado: Igor Omulecki

Quiet Excess: Mark Joshua Epstein

Inheriting Place: Kahlil Robert Irving