Contribute to Dovetail

Dovetail is currently accepting pitches and proposals for writing about visual art as it connects to place—and vice versa. This can mean many things, and you’re encouraged to take a look around the site to get a sense of the range of things we like to cover. We’re always open to new ideas and interesting takes on the relationship between art, experience, and place! You may also use this form if you are interested in submitting an original photo essay, creative writing, interview, or a format other than examples of visual art. (If you would like to submit your artwork for consideration, please visit the share your work page.)

Dovetail typically does not cover NFTs, AI-generated art, or mass-produced items for sale like toys or plastic things. We love anything that is handmade, ideas upon ideas, tie-ins with nature and the world around us, tie-ins with other creative endeavors, experimentation, alternative education and display, residencies and reasons to travel, artist-run culture, and more.

We love personal interpretations and writing based on your experiences. We also focus on informative articles that offer unique insights into artists’ practices, projects, or locations, so we don’t typically feature exhibition reviews or criticism. That said, we’re happy to use an exhibition or timely project as a jumping-off point for more in-depth exploration of an artist’s work or ideas. We prefer pitches, but if you already have something ready to go, we’re happy to take a look! Writing may be considered for online articles and/or a feature in a future print issue, and lengths may vary. This will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

There is no additional email confirmation after submitting this form. All pitches will be reviewed within two weeks, and they will only be reviewed if submitted via this form (please don’t email pitches, but feel free to send any questions to You will receive an email with a decision either way. Thank you for your interest in Dovetail!