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We are always seeking new writers! We commission artists and writers for original content for Dovetail, and we also encourage freelance writing contributions. We strongly prefer pitches, but will accept submissions for articles, interviews, reviews, and more, which may appear in print and/or on the website, which emphasize connectedness in and around contemporary art. We’re especially interested in connecting contemporary art to ideas and activities related to other avenues of visual culture (architecture, design, photography, craft, etc.) as well as travel and global culture. We especially welcome contributions from those who come from marginalized communities and/or non-Western locations.


Print and/or online interview: We love to feature interviews! These are usually standard Q&A format, but we’re open to different interpretations of the format. We sometimes publish these in the print publication, but may publish online only. Consider that we can include audio and/or video if you produce something! Let us know who you’re interested in interviewing, and why.


Print and/or online opinion piece: Short- or long-form responses or opinions on anything in the visual art and visual culture realm, but we especially welcome ideas that go off the beaten path.


Print and/or online art-meets-travel photo essays: We seek imagery and writing about unique travel destinations and experiences, especially as they relate to art, or to places where art is significant.


Print and/or online miscellaneous: Have an idea for an unconventional or experimental piece of writing or content? We value thinking outside the box, so we’d love to know what you’re thinking–maybe it’s a good fit for us.


Online-only story or review: These are usually tied to the news or current events, and exhibitions, performances, etc. These can vary in length, but we prefer to publish reviews online while the exhibition or event is still open, performances, installations, and other events.



How to pitch or submit writing to Dovetail:


  • Fill out the form below
  • Give us a brief bio or information about yourself (300 words)
  • We prefer pitches (utilize the form below), but submissions are good too! If you have a completed draft of something, please attach using the button below, or provide a link to a Google Doc.
  • Provide relevant dates/times for any exhibitions, performances or events you’d like to write about. Also include links to websites or social media for more information.
  • Tell us if you’re also submitting your writing to other publications at the same time.
  • Avoid any potential conflicts of interest (ie. Your review is for a gallery you work for)