Destination: Rupert

Vilnius, Lithuania

54°73′N 25°30′W

A triad of programs comprises Rupert, a remarkable nucleus for art and creative research in Lithuania’s capital city. The organization’s annual residencies, alternative education program, and public program immerse artists, writers, cultural managers, curators, and academics in the region’s creative community. With major support from local and regional funders, its programs are always free.

Established in 2012, the mission of Rupert is to “establish close cooperation between artists, thinkers, researchers and other cultural actors through transdisciplinary programmes and residencies.” Located in a purpose-built contemporary hub, residents have access to stunning spaces to make work and participate in communal workshops and activities.

Each year, Rupert launches an open call for the residency and selects up to 24 residents from around the world. Residents are also invited to organize presentations of their work through a variety of formats through the alternative education and public programs.

Rupert is an independent, publicly funded center for art, residencies and education, located in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Also via an open call, a small group of people are selected every year for the alternative education program, combining education and professional development to support artists as they start their careers on an international level.

In addition to a podcast called “Open Studio” and partnerships with local cultural organizations, the center produces the Rupert Journal, edited by one of the curators at Rupert along with an invited curator, and published online once a year. You can find more information about the programs, including recorded lectures, conversations, and publications on the website.

All images © Rupert, shared with permission.

Header image: Dylan Spencer workshop as part of the alternative education program, image by Inga Juodytė.

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