Darling, it could
have been anywhere

Max Kesteloot assembles film stills
into an enigmatic narrative


By Kate Mothes

The title of Max Kesteloot’s exhibition Darling, it could have been anywhere was inspired by an overhead conversation, reflecting the atmospheric, candid characteristic of his photographs, themselves snippets of time presented enigmatically without context. He works from ten-second digital film captures from early digital cameras, culling stills to frame segments of narrative on canvas. With the eye of a painter, Kesteloot describes the compositions as “things he could have painted,” combining documentation of quotidian moments or happenstances into scenes that invite closer inspection.

Darling, it could have been anywhere continues at Everyday Gallery in Antwerp through May 7. Find more of Kesteloot’s work on his website and Instagram.

All images © Max Kesteloot, courtesy of the artist and Everyday Gallery. Images by Michael Smits.

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