Frontier Fellowship

Green River, Utah

 38° 59′ 43″ N, 110° 9′ 42″ W

With a population of just shy of 1,000 residents, Green River, Utah, has been a popular waypoint for travelers for centuries. Before Interstate 70 cut four lanes through the desert, it was a hub for westward railroad expansion in the late 19th century and before that, a popular river crossing point. While a temporary stopover for many on their way to somewhere else, “for those who pause to listen, observe, and delve beneath the rusted, sun-peeled surface, there is a substratum rich with cultural and historic significance.” Frontier Fellowship, a residency program from Epicenter, invites artists, designers, and creative thinkers for month-long residencies in cooperation and conversation with the region’s history, people, and environment.

Fellows are provided with housing, a small stipend, and access to Epicenter’s office and work space as well as the tools and supplies within those spaces. The program has been reassessed since the pandemic, and while applications have yet to reopen, you can keep tabs on the application page for future updates. Focusing on community involvement and participation with its unique rural location in mind, Frontier Fellows are often invited back to continue longer-term projects. Learn more about Frontier Fellowship on its website.

Installation outside Epicenter by Katie Hargrave
Installation by Sam Cox, February 2020

All images © Epicenter and Frontier Fellowship

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