22 February 2024

Nomad’s Memory

Alex Thrustle traverses
past places


by Kate Mothes

Constantly moving, rarely tethered to one place for too long, artist Alex Thrustle documents landscapes and tableaux of snowy parks, winding roads, and distant buildings. Often featuring a lone figure seated on a bench or traversing a path, the artist’s scenes evoke a mood of wandering, absorbing, and remembering.

“Each piece is a portal to a world of contemplation, echoing the solitude of endless horizons and the melancholy beauty of irretrievable moments,” Thrustle says. Many of the scenes are drawn from childhood memories or hazy recollections of places visited in the past. “My landscapes become a visual poetry, inviting viewers to journey through the interplay of memory and the ever-evolving present, mirroring the delicate dance of a nomad’s life.”

Thematically, Thrustle’s approach to place comes with dual associations as one who resists calling a particular area home for too long. On one hand, each landscape is rooted in a specific time or location, namely those of the artist’s upbringing. “The landscapes and scenes I depict in my artwork serve as a visual documentation of the places that have shaped my identity,” the artist says. “The nostalgia embedded in each piece reflects a connection to specific locations,” evoking familiarity and introspection.

On the other hand, a nomadic lifestyle presents a unique challenge for a practice in painting and drawing, so Thrustle embraces the ability to use portable materials like charcoal or oil paint to create small, original compositions, then translates them into digitally-touched giclée prints.

Find more on the artist’s website and Instagram.

All images © Alex Thrustle

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