10 April 2024

The Perpetual Homeward Journey

Lucy Gogoluik traverses landscapes,
heritage, and memory


by Kate Mothes

“Scotland, with its rugged terrain and storied history, serves as a cornerstone of my artistic narrative,” says Lucy Gogoliuk. “It’s the cradle of my inspiration, where the whispers of ancient landscapes and the echoes of ancestral stories converge” Describing each brushstroke as “pilgrimage,” the artist traces memory, ancestry, landscape, and a sense of belonging.

In Gogoliuk’s work, she nods to the grid that characterizes the works of Agnes Martin, both a compositional structure and a metaphorical—even meditational—way of exploring what what she describes as the “mosaic” of her heritage and experiences.  Neither transparent or opaque, her pieces suggest the haziness of memory or nostalgia, tinged with an aura of grief or uncertainty as she navigates themes of trauma, healing, and collective empathy. “In the fluidity of watercolour, I find a language of emotion and experience—a medium that transcends boundaries and invites introspection,” she says.

Subtle mid-tones meet contrasting patchworks of darker color and are illuminated by interspersed brightness. Fuzzy around the edges yet with undulating tesserae that appear in some cases nearly kaleidoscopic, the subject matter varies from mysterious, calm faces to the silhouettes of castles. “I delve into the soul of place—the scars it bears, the stories it shelters, and the resilience it embodies,” she says. “My art becomes a conduit for dialogue, a bridge spanning the chasms of our fragmented world, inviting viewers to confront their own sense of place and belonging.”

Find more on the artist’s website and Instagram.

All images © Lucy Gogoluik

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